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"What we teach children is not brute force, not violence, but the cultivation of ki through mind-body training which will eventually build confidence, self-esteem and a sense of control over their lives."
--Kisshomaru Ueshiba

Aikido for Young People
Boys and Girls ages 7 and up

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Peaceful Aikido for Young People - 1 hour seminar
- Call 401-272-8707 for booking information

  1. Cool demonstration by the teacher
  2. Warm-up
  3. Brief "discussion/conversation" about violence, martial arts, conflict resolution
  4. Exercises for blending and harmony
    Also -- possible -- some rolling/tumbling work.
  5. Short calming meditation at the end
  6. This program is targeted at grades 4-8. Multiple sessions can be held back to back.
    Note: Minimum of Martial arts techniques. The kids won't be running around karate-chopping each other for weeks to come.

The class structure would be similar on a daily basis to the one-day class (above), but with more continuity, developing complex physical movements and some physical contact and "technique" such as throwing. Also emphasized will be safety and falling.
Note: Wrestling mats are a must if falling/rolling will be taught.

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