Mark Binder (Center) with Glenn Webber (L) and Lou Perriello (R)Mark Binder

Mark Binder began studying Ueshiba-style of Aikido in 1991. He holds a Sandan (third degree black belt) in Aikido and holds the instructional title of Shidoin as an Instructor certified through the Aikido Association of America.

Mr. Binder began studying Aikido under Glenn Webber, Sensei (5th Dan), and spent four years studying and teaching with Lou Perriello, Sensei (6th Dan, head of the USJA, USMA Aikido programs). He received his teaching certificate (shidoin) from Fumio Toyoda. Over the years, he made it a point to travel to different dojos and practice with a variety of people (although this has become much much more difficult since the birth of his children).

Recently, Mark has pursued several years of training in Centering, Aiki and Internal Power with Dan Hardin. This work has been a major step in his growth and development. He is by no means "done." He currently studies and practices yoga with Tom Gillette at Eyes of the World.

Mark Binder taught Aikido from 1993 to 2009 at Northeast Aikikai, Aikido of Providence, Way of Harmony, and Main Street Martial Arts.He occassionaly writes essays about Aikido for magazines and newspapers, including Aikido Journal, the international magazine for Aikido.

In addition to his Aiki and Aikido training, Mr. Binder spent five years studying Alexander Technique with Saura Bartner. He has worked with the Adaptors Movement Theater and is a graduate of the Trinity Rep Conservatory.

Mark Binder is a professional author and storyteller (playwright and freelance writer). He is the author of multiple books and CDs, as well as hundreds of short stories and articles. To find out more about his work, visit his web site at

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